Thursday, March 31, 2011

Buried Alive & Reach The Sky - Split

This is a lesser known release by two very well known bands. Buried Alive's side is heavy as ever and sounds pretty similar to the "Death Of Your Perfect World" stuff. The quality is kinda weak, I apologize but these songs are exclusive to this release and still worth checking out. I didn't even have the Reach the Sky side of this split until today and I didn't really care previously because I've never been too big on this band. Their side is actually really catchy though. Fast-paced, retains the hardcore structure with some lighter vocals. I also believe these songs were on one of their full lengths but I wouldn't know.

Buried Alive
1. Another Day Closer To Death
2. Our Time Is At Hand

Reach The Sky
1. Let Us Be Damned
2. Stars Lead The Way


Vision Of Disorder - Self-titled

Vision of Disorder (or commonly abbreviated as VOD) was a hardcore band from Long Island, New York. This record has extreme groove accented by an awesome vocalist and powerful drumming. This was one of the first 90's hardcore records I listened to and it really got me hooked on that style. You can also hear pieces of the awesome genre of Nu-metal leaking through on this album. Completely alright with me.

For fans of: Canidiria, Bloodlet, Early Deftones

1. Element
2. Watering Disease
3. Through My Eyes
4. Viola
5. Liberation
6. Divide
7. Ways To Destroy One's Ambition
8. Suffer
9. Zone Zero
10. D.T.O.
11. Excess
12. Gloom


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Again - Hand Of Hope

Last of my "Lost In The Mediafire Vault" series. This is a record by Florida's Morning Again who were a vegan metalcore/hardcore band of the 90's. This record is less metallic than most of their records (I like those ones more) but still has some great songs. Possibly due to the fact that is their first two seven inches compiled into one album. Members of this band were constantly switching members with influential 90's band Culture. It also contained members of Bird Of Ill Omen and the founder of Eulogy Records. This band is an excellent example of a 90's band that actually had something to say.

For fans of: Unbroken, Undertow, Culture

1. Turning Over
2. Family Ties
3. America Online
4. Minus One
5. Remedy
6. Hand Of Hope
7. God Framed Me


Make Do and Mend - Intesity In Ten Cities

Make Do and Mend are a pop punk band from Connecticut. They are pretty much blowing up right now and I just happened to find their demo in my mediafire. It's great in it's own way and sounds nothing like what they're currently doing. I had to continue the tradition of posting this picture with Kathleen in it and I don't know if I could really find artwork for this. I could if I cared enough but I don't and this is better anyways.

For fans of: ...Jawbreaker I guess.

1. Chief Coldcuts
2. Where There's A Will, There's A Wendy's
3. The Epoch of Sueditude


Indecision - Release The Cure

This was in my mediafire with no downloads. What a fucking shame. This isn't really the traditional Indecision in the sense that it's recorded with the second singer but that doesn't not take away from this record whatsoever. This was the first album I heard by them and it definitely stuck with me. If you didn't like the high voice of "Unorthodox" or "Most Precious Blood", you might be able to get into this. They are reuniting this year on multiple occasions so get into this record (along with their other stuff.) and go get fucking stupid.

For fans of: Turmoil, Earth Crisis, One King Down

1. Higher Side Of Low
2. May Be Monitored To Maintain Quality Control
3. Release The Cure
4. Through The Wasteland Go Searching We
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Burning Saints
7. Crawling
8. Save Me
9. Dead
10. Suspension Of Disbelief
11. At The Wake
12. This Time Tomorrow
13. End Of A Short Rope
14. Hello Cruel World


Dead Wrong & The Banner - Split

Another hit unearthed from my mediafire. This is a split Connecticut's Dead Wrong and The Banner did. These are the most well recorded material put out by Dead Wrong and shows how they progressed from their somewhat generic Clevo-style (Don't get me wrong, I love this band.). The Banner side is really early material from them and it's what actually made me like them. They're hard but overall pretty generic. Pick up the split on vinyl from Trip Machine Labs.

Dead Wrong
1. No Love
2. Silent Screams
3. 8:46

The Banner
1. Black and Blue
2. No Surrender
3. Sometimes They Come Back


Fight Night - Original Demo (When Life Gets Tough, Slit Your Wrists)

The original demo from CT heavyweights, Fight Night. I love this band.  There's two exclusive songs to this demo, another one with the Intro tacked on to it and "Searching For One's Demise" which was re-recorded.

For fans of: Punishment, Repercussion, Spook City Records, Under The Knife.

1. Bury Yourself Alive
2. The Day The Stars Fell From Heaven
3. Searching For One's Demise
4. Through The Lies


Monday, March 21, 2011

Follow Through - Taking It Back

Follow Through was a Connecticut youth crew band from the New Milford area. They had a strong straightedge message and brought the whole normal youth crew thing to the table. This record is great. Members of this band went on to form Fear Tomorrow/Living Hell and Right Brigade.

For fans of: Chain Of Strength, Cornerstone, Confront

1. Never Again
2. Turned Around
3. You Booze You Lose
4. Not This Time
5. No Other Way
6. You'll Learn
7. It's Coming Around
8. Drug Freedom
9. Another Day
10. We Can
11. Losing Touch


Ringworm - B Side & Rarities

I was looking through my mediafire and saw some things I haven't posted on my blog. This is a collection of the legendary Ringworm's rarities. There are some cool covers on here and different versions of songs. I made the image large so you can actually see what's in the file. Enjoy.


Seaweed - Spanaway

Seaweed was a rock band from Tacoma, Washington. Seaweed blended grunge, post-hardcore and indie rock to come to a sound of their own. "Spanaway" is full of well crafted melodies along with punk influenced songs with harder edges. The first three tracks are extremely solid. Sadly, the rest of the band's catalog doesn't really impress me but this record is great.

For fans of:  Jawbreaker, Samiam, Hot Water Music, 90's alternative

1. Free Drug Zone
2. Crush Us All
3. Start With
4. Common Mistake
5. Magic Mountainman
6. Saturday Nitrous
7. Undeniable Hate
8. Defender
9. Assistant (To The Manager)
10. Punchy (The Clown)
11. Not Saying Anything
12. Last Humans
13. Peppy's Bingo


Osker - Idle Will Kill

Osker was a pop-punk band from the late nineties/early 2000's. I don't know much about the record but once I was recommended this, I never stopped listening to it. This album is full of catchy choruses and hooks. It has a sad undertone to but is pretty fast paced and still retains poppy elements. The thing I like about it is that it's a pop punk record that isn't generic. They use various chorus patterns and effects to keep it interesting.

For fans of: Latterman, Late Lifetime, that shit

1. Anchor
2. Animal
3. Back To You
4. The Body
5. Contention
6. Disconnect Disconnect
7. Going On The Insticts
8. Kinetic
9. The Mistakes You Make
10. Motionless
11. Out Of Touch
12. Patience
13. Piece By Piece
14. Strangled


Farside - The Monroe Doctrine

Farside was a Revelation Records punk rock/hardcore/post-hardcore band from the OC. This is a pretty upbeat record with apparent hardcore and punk influences but still maintains a 90's rock sound. One track sounds like a Napalm Death song which I'm guessing is just a joke.It'll definitely stick out when you listen haha. The lyrics on this release are really thought out and personal though. This is definitely one of my favorite releases so check it out. *I'm sorry if the description for this is horrible. It's hard to find things to say about this record.

For fans of: Quicksand, Seaweed, Bad Religion

1. Better Than Crying
2. I Hope You're Unhappy
3. Seven Day Constant
4. Statues of Snow
5. My Man Harvey Milk
6. Moral Straightjacket
7. The Lonesome Ballad of El Bobo The Cranky
8. Liz Hurley
9. The Fashionable Rebellion
10. Teach Me How To Die
11. Save It For The Children
12. Bled
13. This Pill Is Hard To Swallow
14. Too Much, Too Late
15. The Slowdance
16. Blue Highway


Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of Spring.

I'm gonna post a few albums to jam since the weather is starting to get nice.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anti-matter Compilation

I'll start by saying this a compilation full of many need-to-know 90's bands that were involved with hardcore or had something to do with it. If you want good bands from this era, start with this comp. I have a lot to say about this and you can just skip my bullshit, cut to the download and enjoy this. (I would probably do that.) Weirdly, I didn't know about this comp. until recently but it contains my favorite songs by multiple bands. This was released by Norman Brannon's (Shelter, Texas Is The Reason) Anti Matter Zine. Quicksand's "Shovel" is exclusive to this compilation and has a great break in it, definitely an overlooked song. "Arctic" by 108 (from Threefold Misery) is by far my favorite song by the band and it's featured on this comp in a little rawer mix. Threadbare's "Weatherman" is on here. I love Threadbare and I feel that they are way underrated. I'll probably be posting something by them soon. Undertow's "Kill" is featured on here which is definitely one of my favorite tracks by them and will get you hooked straight from the intro. There's a Supertouch exclusive to this comp. which I have never heard and it's great so don't miss that one. Farside is a band a love and even though "Moral Straightjacket" is 6 minutes long, it's worth it. There's some decent tracks by Outspoken, Snapcase and Strife, who I love but these songs don't do much for me. One of my favorite Lifetime tracks is on the jawn but it's kind of a whack demo. Mouthpiece delivers the youth crew madness. There's a lot of pretty good emo placed within it too if that's your thing. If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge 90's hardcore enthusiast and a collection of songs this good is fucking great to me haha.

1. Quicksand - Shovel
2. Gameface - Everything I Do Is Wrong
3. Outspoken - Spark
4. Supertouch - Better
5. Farside - Moral Straightjacket
6. 108 - Arctic
7. Snapcase - Vent
8. Threadbare - Weatherman
9. CIV - Don't Gotta Prove It (Live)
10. Garden Variety - New Guitar Parts
11. Undertow - Kill
12. Strife - Circuit
13. Chamberlain - Magnetic 62nd
14. Sense Field - Shady Day
15. Lifetime - Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show
16. Mouthpiece - To The Side


Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Miseries - I Am Without Me

After leaving my email inactive for a long period of time, I discovered that someone wanted to be featured on my blog. This is an EP from Pennsylvania's New Miseries. I checked it out and I was really into it. It's fast and somewhat melodic but still has a hard edge.

For fans of: The Carrier, Modern Life Is War, American Nightmare

1. Black & Blue
2. Rain
3. Deathbeds
4. (11:11)


Protolith - Light

Protolith is a metal band from Northern Connecticut/Western Mass. Their sound is comparable to "Oceanic"-era Isis but heavier. These guys are a group of talented group of musicians who blend elements of post-metal, melodic death metal, post rock and progressive metal to make a powerful EP. I would say this record is equal parts heaviness and melody. It also contains a great friend of mine.

For fans of: Isis, Neurosis, Katatonia

1. Reveries
2. Litany
3. Regret
4. Naissance
5. Fallacy
6. I, Alone

Listen Here

Handsome - Swimming 7" & Rarities

Handsome was a band made up of members of Helmet, Quicksand, etc. I found this material recently and it proves that they definitely should have released more material. There's a live track of an unreleased song that rules (which takes a lot for me to say because I hate live recordings), two unreleased songs from the full length, a seven inch with two album songs and one exclusive and a great track featuring KRS-One.

For fans of: Quicksand, Burn, Helmet, Shift


Forced Reality - Self-titled

Forced Reality was a hardcore punk/Oi! band from Connecticut. They were pretty well known and featured members of 100 Demons. Brass City forever.

*Taang  re-press LP's still available at Shop Shogun, linked below!

For fans of: The Business, The 4-Skins, America

1. Never Forget
2. The Flag Is Mine
3. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
4. Til The Day I Die
5. Brotherhood
6. When The Hammer Comes Down
7. We're Not Alone
8. Our Land
9. When's It Gonna End
10. Don't Let It Happen
11. Remember The Day
12. Whip
13. US For Us


Embrace Today - xFxYxIxEx (FUCK YOU, I'M EDGE)

Embrace Today was a straightedge band from Boston,MA. This EP is called "Fuck You, I'm Edge". It's ignorant and awesome but it's got more of a straight up hardcore feel (fast, played in standard tuning) and doesn't sound like mosh metal like you would expect it to. I think they eventually went that route but fuck it. Smash sellouts.

For fans of: American Nightmare, Strife, Carry On

1. Fuck You, I'm Edge
2. The Second
3. Your Perfect Crime
4. Between You and Me
5. Die  Trying
6. Still Waiting
7. Pissed Off
8. Cold Day In July


Out Crowd - Demo

Out Crowd is a new hardcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. They keep the raw intensity of hardcore going without getting boring and even throw in some oi. In my opinion at least. These songs are memorable and just make you want to sing along. It's also nice and short (under 5 minutes). So why shouldn't you check it out? Buy the tape now on Ghetto Josh Records!

For fans of: The Trouble, Agnostic Front, Forced Reality

1. Intro
2. Blue Bloods
3. What Are Friends For?
4. Our Struggle

Buy Now

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pg.99 - Document #4

Pg.99 was a very important screamo/hardcore band from the 90's to the early 2000's. This was a tour seven inch they did that sounds closer to 90's hardcore than screamo. Pg.99 is also reuniting at this year's Best Friends Day but sadly only playing Document #8 which I am not too big on.

1. More Complicated Than A Sci-fi Flick
2. Diagram For A Suicide

For fans of: Converge, Frail, Deadguy


Despair - Kill

Despair was a band from upstate New York. Despair was fronted by Scott Vogel of Terror/Buried Alive/Slugfest fame. This is a Vogel release you don't hear too much about but it's definitely up there as one of my favorites. This also featured members of  other members of Buried Alive and Kid Gorgeous.

1. In Arm's Reach
2. Kill
3. Already Dead
4. Fiction
5. Looking A Fake In The Eye

For fans of: Buried Alive, Scott Vogel/I can't really think of what this sounds like.


One King Down - Rob Loves, Man Kills (Rob Fusco Demo 2006)

I'll start by saying One King Down was a popular band from upstate New York in the 90's. Rob Fusco (Most Precious Blood) was their original singer and released a couple EPs with him (Maybe I'll post them). For some reason, they got a different singer before they released their full length, "God Loves, Man Kills". These are reworkings of some of those songs with Rob singing over them. This was recorded at some point 2006. They sound great especially for fans of MPB and earlier One King Down recordings like myself.

1. Fuel
2. Professional Insomniac
3. Ropetrick
4. Aghori*

*This was recorded at a separate time with Rob but it's still great.

For fans of: Earth Crisis, Most Precious Blood, Snapcase


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Turnstile - Demo 2010

This is a demo from Turnstile. Straight out of Bodymore, Murderland. Features members (or did) of Trapped Under Ice. Hard, NYHC worship but ten times better than the shit TUI ripoffs coming out these days. I play the fuck out of this demo. They're already signed to Reaper so expect big things!

For fans of: Crown Of Thornz, Leeway, being a sad wigger

1. Death Grip
2. The Dream
3. The Things You Do



Daveed says I should come back. I say fuck yeah. Expect posts later on today.