Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Covered In Blood: A Tribute To Slayer

This is a tribute album compiled of Slayer covers by hardcore bands. It's "Reign In Blood" covered front to back. They're mostly bands relevant to the late 90's/ Early 2000's. The Arma Angelus cover of "Piece By Piece" is a minute longer than the original and you can barely tell that it's a cover but it's still sounds good haha. Definitely my favorite compilation of Slayer covers especially Sworn Vengeance's, Most Precious Blood's, Punishment's covers.

1. How It Ends - Angel Of Death
2. Arma Angelus - Piece By Piece
3. Most Precious Blood - Necrophobic
4. Unsilent Reign - Altar Of Sacrifice
5. Sworn Vengeance - Jesus Saves
6. Over and Over - Criminally Insane
7. Crowd Deterrent - Reborn
8. Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza - Epidemic
9. Left With Nothing - Postmortem
10. Punishment - Raining Blood


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Troubled Coast - Letters

This was recently submitted to the blog and I have to say that I'm actually a huge fan of this. Troubled Coast are a newer band from California making what I would say is modern post-hardcore with touches of true screamo and post-rock thrown in. They use a balanced mix of clean singing and shouted vocals to really convey emotion in their songs. Some of the songs definitely have a Mewithoutyou feel to them which I definitely liked. This record also contains guest vocals from James Phillips of Final Fight. I can tell from listening to this record that this band is full of talented musicians who know how to play their instruments well and that's definitely something that's lacking in modern music.

For fans of: Touche Amore, Mewithoutyou, Thrice, Alexisonfire, La Dispute

1. Amends
2. Wolf Republic
3. Breathing
4. Night Drives
5. It's Not Good For You
6. Drug Halo
7. Feigned Belief
8. XX/XY
9. Absent Father, Holy Ghost
10. Me And My Shadow
11. A Shallow Place
12. Love