Thursday, April 14, 2011

Train Of Thought - Bliss

Train of Thought was a 90's hardcore band  from New York. This record is definitely not talked about enough. These songs are great. It features members of Bulldoze and the majority of members of Agents of Man. I would say it's a safe blend of all the things I put in the FFO section of the post.

For fans of: E. Town Concrete, Bulldoze, Crown Of Thornz,
& District 9.

1. Self-inflicted
2. Bliss
3. Hourglass
4. Blind To The Fact
5. Scars (Left To Remain)
6. Upperhand
7. Hesitation


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

East Coast Empire Records Presents: Harder They Come, Harder They Fall

Another 90's compilation for me to rant about. I found this not too long ago and it contains some of Connecticut and New York's finest 90's bands. There was only three bands on here that I didn't know but I can say that I like every track which is hard for me when it comes to comps. It starts with an early version of Hatebreed's "Before Dishonor". I always like hearing old recordings of HB tracks so it was definitely awesome to hear. There's an exclusive track by Scott Vogel's Despair, an exclusive Sum Of All Fears song, and a rap remix of Fury Of Five's "Want It All" featuring Ant$$$ of E-Town Concrete (definitely ill). It also has some tracks from awesome 90's bands that aren't exclusive (Divided By Hate, Drowning Room, Stigmata, Follow Through). There's even a early Darkest Hour track which is funny considering where they are now. I know creationisacurse posted this before me. He's gonna die but I'm lazy so I'll let it slide. ;)

1. Hatebreed - Before Dishonor
2. Despair - Fracture
3. Sum Of All Fears - Fracture
4. Disbelief - Righteous Man
5. Follow Through - Something To Say
6. Fury Of Five - Want It All (Rap Remix)
7. Stigmata - Can't Bring Me Down
8. Train Of Thought - Self Inflicted
9. At Any Cost - Helpless Cries
10. Pushbutton Warfare - Crush Your Soul
11. Drowning Room - Pretty Killer
12. Divided By Hate - Concealed Extinction
13. Darkest Hour - Paths Of Despair

Big Jesus - Self-titled EP

Big Jesus is a new rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. I get a really "Fantastic Planet"-era Failure vibe from this which makes me love it. I would say their sound is a healthy mix of 90's alternative/grunge bands. This is one of the few newer releases from a band that I'm really stoked on. This band also contains ex-members of Foundation.

For fans of: Failure, Soundgarden, 90's rock.

1. Ribs
2. Hairteeth
3. Black Flies
4. Ape Cave


Internal Affairs - Deadly Visions

Internal Affairs was a hardcore band from Los Angeles, California. They broke up about two years ago but had a pretty extensive catalog. This album is pretty much what I think a hardcore album should be. Fast, short and heavy. It's creative enough to keep you interested for the duration of the record. I'll be corny as fuck and say the breaks on this record are awesome. I'll admit that the vocals are kinda hard to get into but you get used to them. This band has some funny, tongue-in-cheek songs coupled in with the many songs about the core on this record. Members of this band were in a ridiculous amount of SoCal. bands also.

For fans of: Suicidal Tendencies, Donnybrook, Allegiance

1. #2
2. Reality Check
3. Still Alive
4. No Good Game In H.C.
5. Fuck Yeah
6. Deadly Visions
7. Faith
8. Stage Potato
9. Judgment Day


Sworn Enemy - As Real As It Gets

One of the best hardcore records in my opinion. Heavy hardcore from Queens, New York. Not much to say about this record, just check it out.

For fans of: Full Blown Chaos, Subzero, moshing

1. Sworn Enemy
2. One Way Trip
3. As Real As It Gets
4. My Misery
5. Labeled
6. Fallen Grace
7. Time Heals No Wounds
8. Days Past
9. Innocence Lost
10. These Tears


New Harvest demo!

After twelve years, Harvest is reuniting, playing shows and releasing new material. I really hope to see them on the east coast some time soon. Listen to the new track here:

I tried to embed it but it doesn't seem to work.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Too busy doing nothing.

I'll be back soon and I'll put up 20 posts to get up to 100 to make up for my slack.