Friday, September 17, 2010

Like Bats - Self-titled EP/Demo

This is the demo that I've seen also referred to as a self-titled EP from the band in the last post. Like Bats, pop punk, Indiana, get sad.

For fans of: Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, None More Black

1. Lousy
2. Fall Leaves
3. Hellbound
4. Double Or Nothing


Like Bats - Look On The Brightside

Like Bats are a band from Indiana who play Jawbreaker style pop punk. I feel that they're one of the only current bands doing it right. This band is great lyrically and musically. It's pretty miserable though haha.
For Dave<3

For fans of: Jawbreaker, Latterman, Lawrence Arms

1. Look On Bright Side
2. 3814 Wirth Road
3. Pop Tops
4. Chest Pains


Thursday, September 16, 2010

For Joy Division fans:

I'm not a huge Joy Division fan myself but I find this pretty cool. This is an artist's interpretation of the song "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (The only song I really like by them.) and it's pretty well done.
To view it, go here:

Handsome - Self-titled

Handsome was a post hardcore/metal band formed by the members of Quicksand and Helmet. This is probably one of the most perfect post-hardcore albums and sadly their only release.

For fans of: Quicksand, Helmet, Shift

1. Needles
2. Ride Down
3. Going To Panic
4. Left Of Heaven
5. Thrown Away
6. Dim The Lights
7. Led Bellied
8. My Mind's Eye
9. Waiting
10. Quiet Liar
11. Eden Complex
12. Swimming


Life Of Agony - Depression Demo 1991

This is a demo recorded in 1991 by New York's Life Of Agony. This demo has a lot more of a hardcore influence than LOA's later releases and sounds a lot like Sheer Terror.

1. No Sympathy
2. Dying On The Inside
3. Depression
4. Those Who Hate Me
5. Break The Chains
6. Colorblind
7. In My Youth
8. Step Aside



House Of Blow - Songs

A hip hop collabo between F. Sean Martin (Hatebreed, XO Skeletons, Cage) and Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw, Head Automatica). I'm sorry for the sketchy quality, they're net rips but worth listening to.


Kid Kilowatt - Guitar Method

Kid Kilowatt was a post-hardcore band active from the years of 1996-1999. They were a "supergroup" containing the core members Cave In, Kurt Ballou of Converge and a member of Piebald at some point.
I was recently turned onto this by a friend and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of later Cave In.

For fans of: Steve Brodsky, Cave In, Moment

1. The Scope
2. Red Carpet
3. Radio Pow For Now
4. Peeping Tomboy
5. Cadence For A Rainy Day
6. 7th Inning Song Formation
7. Bicylce Song
8. Rushing To Relax
9. Ted Nugent
10. Memorial Drive
11. Cadence For The Desert Sun
12. Glass Of Shattered Youth
13. Blue/Green Heart
14. Tug Of War


Hatebreed - Compilation Songs

These are the Hatebreed tracks from the "East Coast Assault II Compilation". They're different mixes of songs off of "Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire". This file contains the songs "Prepare For War" and "Conceived Through An Act Of Violence". I prefer these to the Satifaction recordings, they are much more raw and just overall heavier if you could believe haha.


Quicksand - B-sides & Rarities

This is a collection of unrealeased, rare, and live songs by the New York band Quicksand. Quicksand was a defining band in the post-hardcore genre that contained members of Gorilla Biscuits, Burn, Beyond,  and Bold just to name a few. They blended the sound of their pasts bands with a more metallic, groove and bass driven sound. There's a great cover of "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths in this post along with a lot of my favorite Quicksand songs.

For fans of: Helmet, Orange 9mm, Iceburn


Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm going away from my comptuer for a week so I won't be posting for few days. I've added a lot within the past few days so take a look and maybe even try something new. I probably won't be writing long descriptions and such when I return because I feel like I rant about meaningless shit and it just makes me seem idiotic. TTFN.

Mineral - February/M.D. Seven Inch + Compilation Songs

In this file I included a seven inch and two compilation songs (A Psychadelic Furs cover and a comp. exclusive song) by the emo band Mineral. Fall is coming soon and the music fits the season well so I felt the need to upload these songs. I'm not even a fan of the band they cover but the song is actually really good and the other three are just really filled with emotion and power. Check it out, get sad.

For fans of: Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring, Christie Front Drive


Carcass - Tools Of The Trade

This release is a four song EP by the English metal band, Carcass. Over the years Carcass changed their style quite often and these songs are more mature death metal songs. There are three re-recorded songs along with one exclusive to this EP.

For fans of: Death, Left Hand Path era Entombed, death metal.

1. Tools Of The Trade
2. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
3. Pyosified (Still Rotten To The Core)
4. Hepatic Tissue Frementation II


World Of Pain - Demo

This is the demo and first release from San Diego, California's World Of Pain. They are a newer hardcore band with a really heavy sound. The lyrics focus around the world being shit and being miserable and are accompanied by breakdowns that beatdown bands would use. This is my favorite demo of the last two years.

For fans of: Hatebreed, Shattered Realm, Heavy stuff

1. Buried In Sin
2. Curse Of Life
3. Drowning


Friday, September 3, 2010

Drug Problem - Self-titled

Drug Problem is a sludgey powerviolence band from New Zealand. I was interested by the name and the album delivers. It's ten songs of short, dark powerviolence. The songs tie in seamlessly with samples of people screaming and other various things. This record somewhat sounds like the soundtrack of a murder, I'm into it.

For fans of: Crossed Out, Infest, Noothgrush.

1. Sexually Transmitted Text Message
2. Cottage Cheese Facelift
3. Wearing Your Wife's Dressing Gown
4. Mermaid In Manhole
5. Fanny Fish Bag
6. If I Had Arms I'd Kill Myself
7. (Charlton Heston) A Man Of The Image
8. The Towering Wall
9. Where's Your Sister Tonight?
10. Your Dad's Cumming


Converge & Overcast - Twin Terror Split

This is a split release by Converge and Overcast (Members of Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage). I don't know much of it but it was released by Hearsay records without the bands' knowledge. The Overcast side isn't too exciting because it was before they were really metal and the vocals are just kind of bland. The Converge side is alright but it'll come as a surprise to Converge fans. It's old Converge songs with a deep, more familiar hardcore sounding voice over them and not Jake Bannon's signature scream. Included in the folder are some photos of the seven inch layout which have some interesting old hardcore stuff on it if you're interested.


Look Back
Open Your Eyes

Website (Converge)
Website (Overcast)

Converge - Wolves At My Door (You Fail Me Bonus Track)

This song was only released with the LP version of You Fail Me. It sounds like a lot of the tracks off of the album but I figured a lot of people wouldn't know about it/didn't have it so here you go!

For fans of: Coalesece, Kylesa

1.Wolves At My Door


Dead End Path - Demo 2009

Requested by a friend. I like a song here and there but the only thing I really like is the graff logo.

For fans of: Biohazard, Bad Seed....

1. Deliver Us
2. Only Begotten Son
3. Day To Day
4. Turn Cold Ft. Alex Russin of Cold World


Moondog - Demo 1990

Moondog was formed by Walter Schreifels after the Gorilla Biscuits broke up. This is a demo of 5 awesome, well written songs. Moondog eventually became Quicksand. Gorilla Biscuits covered "Distance" on their more recent tours and sadly this was the only release by this band.

For fans of: Jawbreaker, Handsome, Quicksand but more hardcore

1. They Said We Were The Best
2. Are You Really Down?
3. Figured Out
4. Instrumental
5. Distance


Cavity - Somewhere Between The Train Station and The Dumping Station

Full length album from Florida's defunct Cavity. I've written three posts about them and I'm running out of things to say.

For fans of: Black Cobra, Grief, Being stoned.

1. Goin' Ann Arbor
2. Your Funeral, My Time
3. Shake 'Em On Down
4. Intro Number Two
5. Open Transom
6. One Last Broken
7. Chloride
8. Inside My Spine
9. Drowning
10. Burning My Eyes
11. Chase


Cavity - Wounded 7"

This is a live seven inch from Florida's Cavity. If you haven't seen the other posts, they are a stoner/sludge metal. I'm usually not into live recordings but this is recorded extremely well and sounds great.

For fans of: Black Cobra, Acid Bath, Grief

1. Wounded
2. Human Abjection
3. Untitled
4. Shutdown (Annihilation Man)


Cavity - Supercollider

Miami, Florida's Cavity were a stoner/sludge metal band that started in 1992.  Cavity use the usual stoner/sludge metal formula but make it more interesting and probably retain more interest considering most songs are like one and a half to three minutes unlike most bands of the genre haha. This is my favorite release by one my favorite sludge metal bands so it's worth checking out if you're into this genre or want to get into it.

For fans of: Grief, eyehategod, Acid Bath

1. Supercollider
2. Set In Cinders
3. Taint and Abandon
4. Inside My Spine
5. Xtoone
6. Threshold
7. Black Snake
8. Damaged IV
9. How Much Lost
10. Last Of The Final Goodbyes
11. ...Who Doesn't Even Know Yet?


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Burn It Down & Racetraitor - Make Them Talk Split

This is a split release from the metalcore bands Burn It Down and Racetraitor. Burn It Down were from Indiana and had a very heavy, technical style with introspective lyrics.Chicago's Racetraitor carried on the same style with lyrics about race, religion and world problems. Racetraitor members would also go on to form the notorious Fall Out Boy.

For fans of: Deadguy, Botch, Killtheslavemaster

Burn It Down
1. Success Is The Best Revenge
2. The Cowards Trance
3. Every Man's Got A Devil

1. Islands To Burn
2. Stolen Footsteps
3. Hope Kills Fear

Website (Burn It Down) 
Website (Racetraitor)

Boris & Ian Astbury - BXI

This album is a four song collaboration between Boris and Ian Astbury (Vocalist of The Cult). Astbury's vocals really give Boris a whole different sound but it seems dark and has an awesome feel to it at points. The track "Rain" on this album was originally written by The Cult but is reworked with Wata's vocals and it sounds birlliant. It's hard to categorize this record because the song styles vary throughout but if you're a fan of either artist, I recommend you give it a listen.

1. Teeth and Claws
2. We Are Witches
3. Rain (The Cult)
4. Magickal Child

Out now on Southern Lord

Boris & Torche - Chapter Ahead Being Fake Split

This release is a split between Japan's experimental rock band Boris and Florida's Torche. Each band has one song on each side of the split. The Torche song is a little sludgier than their other material and doesn't really pick up but the Boris side is amazing. Even though their side is 12 minutes long, it'll definitely keep you hooked if it's your kind of thing.

Torche side
King Beef

Boris side

Website (Torche)
Website (Boris)

Bastard - Controlled In The Frame

Bastard was a hardcore band from Japan. They released this record themselves in 1989. In my opinion, this record was pretty ahead of it's time. These guys knew how to play their instruments well and the whole EP is orchestrated pretty well. As most Japanese hardcore punk, there is slight influences of crust and D-beat.

For fans of: Discharge, Wolfbrigade, G.I.S.M.

1. Tragic Insane
2. Spend Your Life
3. Defective Chain
4. Moment Of Death
5. Cause Of
6. Slick Plot


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nattefrost - Blood & Vomit

Nattefrost is from Sweden and fronts the black metal band Carpathian Forest. This album is all about worshipping the devil, deabauchery, destruction, sluts and being vulgar which makes it an awesome album. Even though it seems ridiculous, it's a pretty solid black metal release. This is my first metal related post but there will be many more in the future.

For fans of: Carpathian Forest, Bathory, First wave black metal.

1. Ancient Devil Worshipping
2. The Art Of Spiritual Purification
3. The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit cover)
4. Mass Destruction
5. Nattefrost Takes A Piss
6. Sanctum 666
7. Satanic Victory
8. Sluts Of Hell
9. Still Reaching For Hell
10. Universal Funeral
11. Whore (Filthy Whore)


The Promise Ring - The Horse Latitudes

Wisconsin's The Promise Ring was a big name in 90's emo. They disbanded in 2002 and went on to form the band Maritime. This album was a compilation of all their 7 inches and what seems to be their most powerful material from what I've heard.

For fans of: Braid, Maritime, Texas Is The Reason.

1. Watertown Plank
2. Mineral Point
3. A Picture Postcard
4. Saturday
5. Scenes From Parisian Life
6. E. Texas Ave.
7. Miette
8. I Never Trusted The Russians


Owen - I Do Perceive

Owen is Mike Kinsella of the Kinsella brothers fame (Cap N' Jazz, Joan of Arc, American Football, Owls, blahblahblah). This is his solo project. It's got the same feel as his past projects but a little calmer and more constructed. This is a good album to just relax to. Even though the lyrical content is somewhat saddening at times, it remains upbeat and pretty energetic.

For fans of: Elliot Smith, American Football.

1. Who Found Who's Hair In Who's Bed
2. Note To Self:
3. Playing Possum For A Peek
4. That Tattoo Isn't Funny Anymore
5. Put Your Hands On Me, My Love
6. She's A Thief
7. Bed Abuse
8. Lights Out


Mineral - Gloria/Parking Lot 7"

Mineral was an original emo band that lasted from 1994 - 1998 from Houston, Texas. This seven inch was their first release and my favorite two songs ever recorded by them. This is real emotional and probably best for times when you're really bummed out.

For fans of: Sunny Day Real Estate, Sense Field, 90's emo, being upset often.

1. Gloria
2. Parking Lot


Shipwreck A.D. - Demo

Shipwreck A.D. is a hardcore band from Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts. Most people know who they are but I wanted to post the demo to show where this band started from. This demo is Shipwreck's usual heaviness with a little less creativity haha. Only one of these songs was re-recorded and it even has a cover of the Saved By The Bell theme song (Wild, right?).

For fans of: "Humanity Is The Devil" Era Integrity, Guns Up, Shit like that.


Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow (Single)

Wiz Khalifa is a young rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (See the connection?). This is the first single off of his new album "Black & Yellow". Wiz is probably my favorite rapper out right now so I'm pretty excited on this new shit. Check it out.