Thursday, April 14, 2011

Train Of Thought - Bliss

Train of Thought was a 90's hardcore band  from New York. This record is definitely not talked about enough. These songs are great. It features members of Bulldoze and the majority of members of Agents of Man. I would say it's a safe blend of all the things I put in the FFO section of the post.

For fans of: E. Town Concrete, Bulldoze, Crown Of Thornz,
& District 9.

1. Self-inflicted
2. Bliss
3. Hourglass
4. Blind To The Fact
5. Scars (Left To Remain)
6. Upperhand
7. Hesitation



  1. Really good record, wish i'd find the actual cd one day. If you haven't heard of Elements DEC, you should check 'em out and Fahrenheit 451, both equally great stuff!

  2. I love Farenheit 451 but I'll check out the suggestions! I appreciate the input and suggestions! Thanks for checking out the blog too.

  3. Please re-upload!

  4. Please reupload this release.

  5. please reupload this soon.