Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clubber Lang - Complete Collection

Clubber Lang was a hardcore band from New Jersey. They had a more beatdown-ish Jersey style sound accompanied by lyrics about being hard. This band was never too huge but they have played the last two years of This Is Hardcore and are starting to become more recognized in the modern day. In this post I'm including the Varsity Violence EP, their demo and track exclusive to a comp.

For fans of: NJ Bloodline, Shattered Realm, Repercussion

Varsity Violence
1. Varsity Violence
2. Execution Style
3. Dead Weight
4. Forsaken
5. Fear Of Dying

1. Execution Style
2. Forsaken
3. Behind The Mask
4. Illuminate

Varsity Violence EP
Smash And Grab (Compilation Track)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Scourge - Demo

Scourge is a group of sincere teenage dudes making hard music from Huntington, New York. Think Leeway and Hatebreed mixed with the contemporary style of Bad Seed. Be on the look out for these guys.

For fans of: Leeway, Cro-Mags, Integrity, Hardstyle

1. Intro
2. Misery
3. On Your Own
4. What It Takes


Eye For An Eye - 100% Unnatural

Eye For An Eye was a hardcore band from Boston, MA. This is a compilation of all of their releases plus a live set (Which is actually listenable).  Eye For An Eye is often considered to be the Burn of Massachusetts and it's a pretty fair comparison. It took me forever to get a hold of this so I hope someone else finds it useful.

For fans of: Burn, Boston hardcore of the Early 90's, wild bass lines

1. Signs Of The Pride
2. Eye For An Eye
3. Eyetro
4. Allstars
5. Omega Drone
6. Gimme Jimmy
7. Who
8. What It Means
9. Believe
10. WMFO Intro (Live)
11. Cyclic (Live)
12. Soul In Mind (Live)
13. Ramming Speed (Live)
14. 100% Natural (Live)
15. Signs Of No Practice (Live)
16. In Your Face (7 Seconds) (Live)
17. Eyetro (Live)
18. Eye For An Eye (Live)
19. Face Reality (Live)
20. Unite Or Lose (The F.U.'s) (Live)


Connecticut Hardcore MCMXCIX - The Division Has Begun

This is a compilation put together in 1999 of 5 Connecticut bands. You'll probably recognize Death Threat and 100 Demons who both have exclusive tracks on this compilation. Fear Tomorrow is what Follow Through became and what Living Hell used to be. I don't know much about Mans Ruin other than the vocalist is featured on the Death Threat track and you can check out Divided By Hate through one of my previous posts.
*Yet again, I'm sorry about the DBH track. This one is ripped in wav. while the other songs aren't.

1. Death Threat - Forgiveness
2. Divided By Hate - Embers
3. Fear Tomorrow - The Wretched
4.  Mans Ruin - Better Off Dead
5. 100 Demons - Straight To Hell


Dismay - In Doubt

Early Connecticut hardcore from Danbury. This band is full of riffs, Black Sabbath esque guitars and energy. They had a pretty progressive style and were pretty renowned throughout the state. This band is comparable to Fahrenheit 451, Burn and bands of the like.


1. Catch 22
2. Waiting
3. Untitled
4. Death Of A Planet
5. Uncivilization
6. King For A Day
7. Madness
8. Overseer
9. In Doubt
10. Onlooker
11. Grasshopper


Divided By Hate - Sediments of Shame

Divided by Hate was a hardcore/metalcore band from the 90' and did a few reunion shows in 2004 and 2005. DBH was from Fairfield, Connecticut. This is really heavy and that's all you need to know. This band was also featured on the Division Has Begun Compilation which featured a few big names in Connecticut Hardcore.

*I apologize for the poor sound quality on some of the tracks. I am really picky about those things but this is probably the only rip you will find.

For fans of: Early Cave In, Chokehold, Drowning Room

1. Sediments Of Shame
2. Embers
3. Descend
4. Concealed Extinction
5. Shatter The Silence
6. Bloodshed


To Photographers, people generally interested in art/history:

I was lurking around the internet like I do every night I can't sleep and I came across this collection of photographs. Photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii conducted a survey of the Russian Empire between the years of 1909 and 1912 where he captured the daily lives of civilians and Russia's beautiful landscape. What makes these pictures significant is their color. Prokudin-Gorskii was able to capture a picture three times in three different colors to later combine them and form full color photographs. 

For more information and photographs, follow this link: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/08/russia_in_color_a_century_ago.html

Sorry Excuse - Listen With Prejudice

Sorry Excuse is a newer straightedge band out of Missouri. (Apparently hardcore does exist in midwestern states?) These guys have an awesome older and aggressive sound. Some lyrical content includes bad friends and tha edge.

For fans of: Negative Approach, SSD, crushing sellouts

1.  MWP
2. Roadkill
3. A Million Bucks
4. Divide
5. Eyes Wide Shut
6. Mounting Stress
7. Eye For An Eye
8. Grow Up


New Lows - Paincave Sessions Tape

This tape was released by Painkiller in 2009. New Lows was a metallic hardcore band who have recently broken up. This tape was limited to 300 and contained 2 new songs (Intro/Born and Razed, Plague Grounds) , a re-recorded song (Compulsive Repulsive) and an awesome cover (Raise The Curtain by Jerry's Kids). I think the production quality really shows the heaviness and raw power of this band which makes it worth checking out.

For fans of: Mind Eraser, metal influenced hardcore

1. Intro/ Born and Razed
2. Plague Grounds
3. Compulsive Repulsive (It Never Ends)
4. Raise The Curtain (Jerry's Kids)


Heavy Breath- Synthemesc Dreams

Experimental hardcore out of Connecticut. Another bunch of great guys doing something different. At times it sounds pretty stoned out and at others, groovy. From listening you'll be able to hear a lot of their listed influences blended extremely well. I'm expecting big thangz from this band so give it a chance.

For fans off: Every Time I Die, Rage, Refused, War Hungry

1. I: Ingestion
2. II: Aggression
3. III: Incarceration
4. IV: Rehabilitation
5. V: Regression

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mute Witness - MMIX

Mute Witness are a heavy hardcore band heavily influenced by the 90's. Like Pogs and Saved By The Bell. They are a bunch of my great friends.  Check them out. Lyrics are based on world problems and actually have subject matter that means something unlike many hardcore bands today.

For fans of: Chokehold, Unbroken, District 9

1. Intro/Gravedigger
2. The "Youth Market"
3. Leave Nothing But Ashes
4. Turned Cheek


Section 8 - Pain Is Truth

This is the first official release from the Upstate New York band Section 8. Section 8 combines heavy guitars with dark lyrical content to make a very evil metal/hardcore hybrid on this record. This is one of my favorite bands and I feel that this record doesn't get enough recognition. Enjoy.

For fans of: Life Of Agony, Crowbar, being sad.

1. Chapter 11
2. Nightfall
3. No One
4. Words Of Love
5. Inferno
6. Chained
7. Silence
8. Bonus Track

Listen Here

Die My Will - Self-titled

This is the self-titled EP by the Connecticut metalcore band, Die My Will. Even though this band seems to have a lot of hype over how great they used to be, they weren't very big. This EP is 8 songs of heavy metalcore with that 90's sound. They existed within the 90's and early 2000's. Another blog has a discography of their music (http://pathtomisery.blogspot.com/2009/03/die-my-will-discography.html) but I figured I'd post this so people could sample the music as a whole while not having to download the whole discography. I will post their split with Piecemeal once I am able to locate the Piecemeal side.

For fans of: Disembodied, Piecemeal,  Deadguy

1. Out of The Mouths Of Saviors
2. Endless Suffering
3. Tempered
4. Torn Away
5. Homunculus
6. 52
7. Man's Cry
8. Outro


Piecemeal - Somewhere Between Crucifixion and Resurrection Lies Redemption

Piecemeal was a straight-edge metalcore band from Boston,Massachusetts. Heavy and powerful music with thought provoking lyrics. This band was also fronted by Kevin Baker, the vocalist of The Hope Conspiracy. This band existed from the 90's to the early 2000's.

For fans of: Morning Again, early Converge, Racetraitor.

1. Intro
2. Force My Sunshine
3. Severance
4. My Thoughts Concerning Man
5. Proclamation
6. Burial Of Hope
7. Rain
8. With You There Was Eden
9. Lazurus
10. Torn
11. Untitled


Burn - Self-titled 7"

This is the first release from the New York band Burn. Burn's sound is usually classified as progressive hardcore because of their groovy and different style. Personally, this is one of my favorite records. Members of this band featured members of Quicksand, Side By Side, Beyond, Orange 9mm, Glassjaw, 108 and Handsome at one point or another.

For fans of Fahrenheit 451, Dismay, Orange 9mm, groovin, New York Style but weirder.

1. Godhead
2. Drown
3. Out Of Time
4. Shall Be Judged...

Website (Couldn't find somewhere to listen to them but you can buy the music here. Sorry guys.)

Downpour - Self-titled

I am the vocalist of this band. We're a pretty generic hardcore band with touches of influence by Ringworm, Buried Alive, Madball, No Warning. I'm not a fan of these recordings. New EP dropping sometime in late September/Early October.

1. Intro/Blood Money
2. Last Lives
3. Exhaustion
4. Guise
5. Leaving You Behind
6. On My Own
7. Let Go
8. Life's Grip
9. Outro (Recorded this song and never played played it haha.)


Red Devil Suit - Demo 2004

This is the demo from a band out of Wappinger Falls, New York. Red Devil Suit was members of Drowning Room (Thanks Phil.) This band sounds like a blend of Coalesce, Isis and Into Another. Get into it.

1. Whores and Cowards
2. Dead Man
3. Crimson Love Letter
4. Symbiote