Monday, November 15, 2010

Free Spirit - Demo

This is a demo from the Massachusetts band Free Spirit. Extremely short, straightedge hardcore that sounds very much like Straight Ahead. They just came out with a new record so I post this in hopes more people get into them and buy it.

For fans of: Straight Ahead, Early Agnostic Front, Urban Waste

1. Free Spirit Intro
2. Express Yourself
3. Stand As One
4. Unite
5.  Be Yourself

I was going to post the order link but apparently they sold out so fuck it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Two By Four - Discography

Two By Four was a hardcore band from Connecticut. Real heavy, practically Jersey style. More people should be into them, definitely an underated band. This discography contains their demo, split with Wartime Manner, and the AIN'TS TA BE FUCKED WITH EP. This is for my boy Stefan.

For fans of: Clubber Lang, 4 in Tha Chamber, Bulldoze, ETC.